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Galician in education

Nowadays there are two main fields were significative normalization actions are taken: One is that of schools and the other is the university.

The area of normalization of greatest significance and impact is that of education. The young generation are the key to the learning, practice and extension of a minorized language since it is they who will pave the way for the future.

Actions were designed basically around the directives given in the Law for Linguistic Normalization and subsequent regulations. The field of education, although the Spanish language is still predominant in schools, has undergone great qualitative changes. The Galician language had been absent from the history of teaching and is now existent in all schools. The measures taken centre basically on the fact that the teaching of the Galician language and literature is now compulsory at all levels of education except at university.

The area of normalization of greatest impact and significance is that of education.

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